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PR Manager salary in Los Angeles

Average Base Salary in Los Angeles

Additional Cash Compensation
Total Compensation
Median: $79K
Min: $60K
Max: $95K

How Much Does a PR Manager Make in Los Angeles?

The average salary for a PR Manager in Los Angeles is $79,000. The average additional cash compensation for a PR Manager in Los Angeles is $5,000. The average total compensation for a PR Manager in Los Angeles is $84,000. PR Manager salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Los Angeles from anonymous PR Manager employees in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles Companies with the Highest Marketing Salaries

Beauty, eCommerce
Healthtech, Software
Fintech, Mobile

PR Manager Salary ranges

The two most common PR Manager salary ranges in Los Angeles are $60k - $70k and $90k - $100k.

Average PR Manager Salary by Company Size

People with the job title PR Manager make the most at companies with 500+ employees, earning $89,500 on average.

PR Manager Salary by gender

PR Manager Salary by Years of Experience

Average Marketing salaries in Los Angeles

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
Event Planner $49,500
Min: $30K
Max: $63K
SEO Specialist $49,600
Min: $35K
Max: $60K
Marketing Coordinator $54,554
Min: $40K
Max: $62K
PR Specialist $57,000
Min: $39K
Max: $68K
Marketing Associate $58,667
Min: $42K
Max: $75K
Social Media Manager $61,456
Min: $40K
Max: $83K
Community Manager $67,063
Min: $43K
Max: $120K
SEO Manager $73,600
Min: $56K
Max: $89K
PR Manager $79,000
Min: $60K
Max: $95K
Content Marketing Manager $79,625
Min: $65K
Max: $125K
Email Marketing Manager $80,938
Min: $60K
Max: $95K
Digital Marketing Manager $87,067
Min: $55K
Max: $115K
Marketing Manager $88,573
Min: $57K
Max: $130K
Marketing Operations Manager $91,250
Min: $52K
Max: $175K
Brand Manager $103,660
Min: $68K
Max: $150K
Product Marketing Manager $115,056
Min: $72K
Max: $157K
Senior Marketing Manager $116,941
Min: $70K
Max: $225K
Senior Product Marketing Manager $138,222
Min: $100K
Max: $200K
Director of Marketing $150,500
Min: $105K
Max: $200K
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) $179,375
Min: $100K
Max: $250K
Vice President of Marketing $182,700
Min: $130K
Max: $215K

PR Manager jobs in Los Angeles

PR Manager

Greater LA Area
1 week ago
About REX - Real Estate Exchange, Inc. Are you ready to work in the boring world of residential real estate? Of course you’re not! Well, thank goodness you’ve found REX. We are anything but a stodgy, boring real estate agency. In fact, REX is a well-funded, game-changing tech startup that that has created a cutting-edge digital platform to buy and sell homes. REX is completely flipping the real estate industry on its head and beating every goal

PR Manager

Santa Monica
2 weeks ago
Leaf Group is looking for a PR Manager to help lead media relations efforts for a dynamic company. This is a PR opportunity where you can do it all – help plot the course AND roll up your sleeves and work in a profitable company that is growing rapidly and redefining the media business. Working with the PR Director and VP of Communications, you will be responsible for managing the day-to-day communications efforts for our Livestrong.com and

Manager, PR and Communications

Marina Del Rey & Playa Vista
1 day ago
The Role HYFN, one of the fastest growing interactive and social advertising agencies, is seeking an experienced Public Relations professional to lead the agency’s in-house PR efforts. This position requires a mid to senior level communications professional with vision and charisma. Someone who will become the HYFN evangelist, with a mission to grow the agency’s visibility within the advertising industry highlighting the work we do and the wonderful people we do it with. The role calls for a proactive leader, who inspires and builds strong relationships within the HYFN team, with potential clients and industry publications setting HYFN apart as a solution-oriented agency that prides itself on delivering compelling results on time, every time. This candidate will leverage a wide range of skill sets and marketing channels to help promote the HYFN brand. From traditional efforts including high-impact PR campaigns to social media; to submitting key HYFN team members on the best speaking panels. This job will require a jack of all trades in communications. At the end of the day, they will be an exceptional talker, writer and to put it simply, a great storyteller. The individual will get to work directly with all departments to help promote the best HYFN stories. Come join an amazing team of creative professionals, build a marketing department from the ground up, and help us promote the HYFN brand to a new audience of potential clients. About Us Over the years HYFN has truly come into its own. We’ve established impressively sturdy footholds in what is admittedly an absurd digital terrain to navigate. And it definitely hasn’t been easy. But we’re here now. And without being too bold, we think you should be pretty excited about what you’re a part of. We now know the exact kinds of clients we want to take on. We know the challenges we’re aiming to conquer. The tables we want seats at. And we know more so than anything that the people in this room are the means to make it happen. We’re a diverse bunch of extremely talented, enthusiastic, honest problem solvers who geek out on getting results. We pride ourselves on delivering results. Not overly-exaggerated results. Not kinda-sorta results. Straight up business-goal-achieving, brand-elevating results. Whatever those may be. We live by the mentality that good enough simply isn’t good enough, and that first ideas are never final. (Except when they’re brilliant.) With quick pivots and smart strategies, we help brands win every single day.

Recent PR Manager salaries in Los Angeles

Yearly Salary
A PR Manager reported a yearly salary of $95,000 with +$5,000 in additional cash compensation
5-7 Years of Experience
11-50 Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A PR Manager reported a yearly salary of $63,000
201-500 Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A PR Manager reported a yearly salary of $90,000
500+ Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A PR Manager reported a yearly salary of $89,000
500+ Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A PR Manager reported a yearly salary of $60,000
11-50 Employees
Los Angeles
Yearly Salary
A PR Manager reported a yearly salary of $77,000
201-500 Employees
Los Angeles
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