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Introduction to Programming with Python for Fun and Profit

Organized By
Hack for LA
May 21
06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

All attendees must register through Eventbrite, see more:

Have you been curious about writing code? Have you tried to get started but just couldn't get things to work? Have you heard that python is a great language to learn but not sure where to start? These workshops got you covered.

In these workshops, we will:
- Get you set up for success and continued learning afterwards
- Introduce basic python syntax including variables, data types, functions and for-loops

Demonstrate common operations for cleaning and parsing data
Each workshop will review some basic elements of the python programming language and will deep dive into a particular useful data type or common operation. It will conclude with a real world type exercises and homework to will apply the materials covered in the workshop.

A high emphasis is placed on working with other students to debug and troubleshoot your code. It's the best way to learn!

Set Up Before Workshop:
- Please download and install Mu, a simple Python editor, for beginner programmers (
- Recommended Reading: Getting Starting with Mu (
- Create a GitHub (

For more information:

About Nathan Danielsen

Nathan is a core contributor to Yellowbrick, a python open source machine learning visualization library. He is a senior developer at Farmers Insurance for web and mobile services. Previously, he was a developer at the Atlantic Media company in Washington, DC where he built applications for navigating national elections and politics.

In his spare time, Nathan enjoys gardening, enjoying the southern California climate, is organizing PyData Los Angeles 2019, and is training for his first Ironman triathlon. He served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Senegal after graduating from UC Berkeley.

Follow Nathan on Twitter at @nate_somewhere

Location of Event

525 S Hewitt St
Los Angeles, US-CA
525 S Hewitt St
Los Angeles, US-CA

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