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Aligning Your Purpose, Values, and Work Style

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Glendale Tech on Tap
Jan 23
05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Pitch Event

Working with other people can be hard. We all have different styles and preferences, and have difficulty really understanding how other people see the world. Through her two decades of working with people to understand how to work more effectively with others, leadership trainer Sadie Moore has helped teams clarify and strengthen their purposes, values, structures, processes, and cultures. Team members figure out how to make their different styles complement each other, enjoy working together, and feel like everyone is moving in sync toward the same goals.
Through an experiential workshop, Sadie will guide you through understanding your core values, how to align those with your behavior, and how to work and communicate more effectively with others on your team.

You’ll leave with practical tools you can apply immediately, including:

• A clearer sense of your grounding principles and values
• A matrix for guiding decisions when your values or goals are in conflict
• Clarity around your preferred work and communication styles and ways to leverage them to achieve your goals
• Strategies for working more effectively with others who see the world differently than you do
• Tools for organizing projects and meetings and communicating them to others in a clear, succinct format

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Originally from Arkansas, Sadie Moore holds a doctorate in political anthropology with a focus on leadership and human dynamics in groups. She has nearly two decades’ experience training individuals and groups to work more effectively across boundaries of communication and work styles, cultural divides, ideologies, and sectors. For eight years, Sadie was the director of training for Coro Southern California, which for nearly eight decades has trained people to work across traditional boundaries to collaboratively solve our most pressing public issues. Sadie trained participants to practice inquiry, understand their mental maps, think critically and comprehensively about issues, expand their innovative problem-solving skills, adapt quickly to change, think in systems, and develop the relationships and networks necessary for solving complex problems. Sadie understands how various sectors work, how to build and leverage cross-sector collaborative working groups to develop policy and implement solutions, and how individuals, community groups, agencies, businesses, and other entities function within broader systems.

Sadie has also served on the faculty at the University of Southern California, where for eight years she co-taught a highly selective upper-level leadership course with USC President Steven B. Sample and renowned leadership author and University Professor Warren Bennis. She is the co-author of Leadership Approaches – Developments – Trends and twice co-authored Harvard University’s Center for Public Leadership National Leadership Index. For the past year, Sadie has operated Sadie Moore Consulting, working with senior leadership teams, university administrators, city council offices, non-profit teams, and corporate teams, among others.

VENUE: New to Artsakh Avenue, Khinkali House offers fresh and flavorful food in a cozy atmosphere. Enjoy classic Georgian dumplings, khinkali, and take your pick from a long list of appetizers and salads.

We will be located at the outdoor patio.

PARKING: Free 90 minute parking is available at Exchange Parking Garage on 115 Artsakh Ave, Glendale, CA 91206

ABOUT TECH ON TAP: Glendale Tech on Tap is a monthly meet-up created to strengthen the ecosystem of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Glendale. Raise a glass to tech every fourth Wednesday of the month in Downtown Glendale.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, assisted listening devices are available same-day upon request. At
least 48 hours (or two business days) notice is required for sign language translation and Braille transcription services.

Location of Event

113 Artsakh Ave
Glendale, US-CA, 91206
113 Artsakh Ave
Glendale, US-CA, 91206

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