Enervee has created a big data and marketing platform that is transforming the way we shop for appliances and electronics. In the US alone, consumers purchase 200 million home electronics and appliance products every year. By shifting those purchases to more energy efficient models, we can save $100 billion in lifetime energy costs which is equivalent to the annual energy use of 50 million homes.Enervee is a commerce platform for promoting energy-saving products / rebates. Governments use our platform to monitor compliance, develop rebate programs, and analyze the efficacy of their efforts. Utilities incorporate our platform into their energy efficiency programs to support consumer rebate initiatives and use us to market / scale their efforts. And, consumers use our platform to evaluate products and redeem rebates.We work with electric utilities, governments and retailers to incentivize the most energy saving products by analyzing prices, sales popularity and energy use for over 50,000 products.

Open Jobs at Enervee

Why Work With Us

You'll get the chance to jump into the trenches with an exceptional team that cares deeply about our work. We have very fine coffee and utterly delicious snacks along with catered lunches. Our work environment doesn't suck, and we have solid benefits, and offer stock options and unlimited PTO. Now, why should we work with you?


Let's see... We pride ourselves on being excellent at what we do. We believe in being kind. We also believe in being good at taking sarcastic jabs, and even better at giving them.

Perks & Benefits

  • Unlimited PTO, stock options, flexible work schedule, snackaholism, catered lunches


May 27, 2015
Type: funding
Investors: Obvious Ventures
September 11, 2014
Type: funding
June 27, 2013
Type: funding
January 01, 2012
Type: funding


Website: enervee.com/business
Founded: 2010
Local Employees: 26
Funding: $6.15M
Location: Venice
Type: Technology Company
Industries: Big Data, GreenTech

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