Why LinkedIn Groups Sucks

April 25, 2016

Over the last year or so we've kind of confused by LinkedIn. Obviously we see the value in connecting with people and "discovering" people but what about all the other features of LinkedIn? What about their top tier recruitment product or their lower tier sales and recruitment products? What about their feed feature and their mobile app and their groups? All of these are different topics but today we're going to focus on LinkedIn groups.

We've been interested in exploring how to use groups for marketing and growing awareness for a while but we just never got around to it.  From the beginning LinkedIn has encouraged it's users to join groups and start discussions so everyone did. To this day LinkedIn will still suggest that we join groups to reach the maximum subscription of 50 groups.  So, quite recently we started digging into Groups and it's very interesting and disturbing what we found. 

LinkedIn Groups Suck!

We joined a Digital Marketing Group with 947,666 members and We joined a Recruiter.com Group with 786,650 members.  Once we were accepted into these highly exclusive groups, that require approval to join, we started playing around. 

​The first thing we noticed was that everyone was posting articles to their own blog or someone else's. No one was asking questions or adding any commentary, people were just posting articles as if this was a group for sharing articles. The weird thing is, when you go to make a post in a group, LinkedIn prompts you by saying "Start A Conversation With Your Group" NOT "Post An Article Here"


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