6 Los Angeles cryptocurrency startups you should know

October 10, 2017

Like any new frontier, cryptocurrencies cause excitement and anxiety in equal measure. Investing in them is risky due to their volatility, plus there’s the security risks involved. However, their decentralized nature shows a lot of promise for those who are willing to venture into the fray. Keep reading to find out about LA companies that are bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses. 


opskins cryptocurrency company los angeles

OPSkins is the largest marketplace for gamers to buy and sell digital assets. The online destination came out of the need for a safe way to trade digital game items. Before OPSkins, gamers would connect through various websites and hope for the best when selling or buying an item. Now, millions of customers deal globally with OPSkins facilitating each deal, making transactions safe and scam free.


gem cryptocurrency company los angeles

In 2013, Gem founded their blockchain platform that provided solutions to the healthcare and supply chain industries. More recently, they are creating applications to make it easier for consumers to securely engage in the ever-changing digital marketplace through cryptocurrency.


gocoin cryptocurrency company los angeles

GoCoin's goal is to make accepting digital currencies like Bitcoin safer and easier. Business owners may be apprehensive about diving head first into the cryptocurrency water. At the same time, no one wants to turn away paying customers. With GoCoin, customers can pay using the currency they choose, and GoCoin will convert the currency to U.S. dollars, so you can feel a little less out of your element.


expresscoin cryptocurrency company los angeles

There are seemingly endless places on the internet to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Expresscoin is one of the few that lets you purchase bitcoins in person for cash. With over 1,000 locations across the U.S., all you need is your wallet. These purchases can take a week to process when made online, so Expresscoin offers one of the quicker ways to get bitcoins in your digital possession.


blockfolio cryptocurrency company los angeles

Some people buy cryptocurrencies because they prefer them for day-to-day use, but others buy for the long-term investment. Given the volatile nature of cryptocurrency investing, it’s important to have a tool to see and manage all of your investments. That’s what Blockfolio is. The application enables users to see the state of their current investments as well as other information like live prices and market information.


Netki cryptocurrency company los angeles

Netki’s goal is to make using cryptocurrencies safe for businesses. Founded by two early internet pioneers, the Canoga Park-based company believes the power of Blockchain technology can have similarly revolutionary effects as the internet. The software generates digital currency ID and wallet names that enable businesses to make blockchain transactions that are compliant with national and international legal standards.

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