10 Los Angeles ad tech companies you should know

Patrick Hechinger

In light of OpenX and SteelHouse's recent announcements that they had both exceeded $130 million in revenue in 2015, we decided to put together a short list of LA ad tech companies you should know. From industry mainstays to up-and-comers, here are 10 startups changing the digital ad space:


Since 2011 Centerfield has provided their clients with a network of content-rich websites in order to find the perfect platform for their message. They developed a unique ad tech tool that focuses on real time biddable media for their clients. 


Founded in 2012, The Mobile Majority offers an end-to-end mobile advertising platform at a more cost-effective price. The company currently has offices in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Sao Paulo. 


OpenX has received a lot of attention recently as their ad marketplace has helped them exceed $100 million in revenue. The platform works for both publishers and ad buyers to sell and purchase ad space, respectively. 


After tripling their revenue in 2015, SteelHouse is now referred to as the fastest growing company in advertising. The company created a cloud-based marketing platform (called SteelHouse Canvas) to simplify a variety of marketing needs like retargeting and look-alike solutions. 


Founded in 2007, Rubicon Project engineered the Advertising Automation Cloud to help automate the buying and selling of advertising on a global level. The company went public in 2014 and turned their first annual profit in 2015, raising their GAAP revenue98 percent to $249 million. 


Founded in 2014, VideoAmp has their sights set on simplifying the cross screen world in online advertising. Their technology allows their clients to transact across all devices (from TV to digital) with their screen optimization platform.


Founded in 2011, AdColony is a mobile video ad network that offers their Instant-Play technology to companies looking for fullscreen, crisp video ads. After its initial success, the company was acquired by Opera in June 2014, but they continue to operate as a stand-alone brand. 


Formerly known as Shopzilla, this digital ad company officially changed its name to Connexity in 2014. The company offers buying and selling solutions so their clients can better understand their customers' interests and motivations.


Santa Monica's GumGum created an in-image advertising platform for publishers and brands that displays contextually relevant ads within online photos. The company's newest product creates in-screen ads across multiple devices. 


Nativo provides a complete native technology stack to simplify selling, deploying and optimizing native ads across their media properties, creating a non-interruptive experience for their audiences. The El Segundo company has raised over $31 million since launching in 2010. 


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