At Silversheet, we think healthcare should be about patients, not paperwork. We are passionate about using software to empower administrators and providers to work more efficiently and deliver the best care.We started by tackling a complex and critical part of your daily workflow – physician credentialing. As an administrator, you're faced with endless paperwork, faxing, and nagging, and as a physician, you're on your own to figure out the complex credential renewal process and to keep them up-to-date at each facility where you maintain privileges.Silversheet is a breath of fresh air. Add a new physician in minutes, automatically verify their credentials, and invite doctors to join, empowering them to maintain their qualifications and keep you up-to-date and in compliance.Over time we’ll be doing more. Improving efficiency, reducing costs, and elevating the quality of care. 


Founded: 2014
Local Employees: 7
Funding: $5.04M
Location: Los Angeles
Type: Technology Company
Industries: HealthTech

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